OECD Charte Graphique

OECD Charte Graphique. Detailed Features to be developed in OECDplot.

Radar Example

Radar Example. Existing R developments to create radar plots.

CO2 Example

CO2 Example. User contribution demonstrating R for communicating results.

The report has been created using rmarkdown.

Country Notes - Economic Outlook

Country Notes: Economic Outlook. An example set of country-specific charts created from Statlinks. The HTML report has been created using rmarkdown, lattice, dygraphs and plotly. The source code is published at git@github.com:bowerth/cneo2016.git.

Country Notes - Revenue Statistics

Country Notes: Revenue Statistics. An example set of country notes created from OECD.Stat. The reports have been created using rmarkdown, both for HTML and PDF output. Program code examples are published at git@github.com:oecd-ctp/cn-rs.git.